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114th PA uniform civil war 


Zouave Uniforms made to order

Zouave vests made to order

PA state Zouave jacket made order - in stock
5th NY Jacket made to order - in stock
Chicago Zouave jacket made to order
3rd Zouaves or 62nd NY Jacket made to order
1st Zouaves or 9th NY Hawkins Zouaves
LA Zouave  Trousers based on the LA state Flag 1861-2
Jambiers 114th PA and white gaiters  - made to order
French Jambiers - 62nd , 5th NY Zouaves - made to order
Zoauve tassels  Yellow, Blue and White
standard zouave vest made to order
PA zouave complete uniform
Zouave Pantaloons Red Blue or white - made to order
Talma's made to order
Chassuer Trousers in stock

Crimea War medal - in stock