Manufacturers and Suppliers of Military and Civilian Historical Clothing and Accoutrement -  ABN  49 433 190 199 

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Men's and Boys Regency,  18th and 19th Century costumes made to order

Coachman's Great coat multi capes  made to order

Various Trousers fly front and beeches available in stock

Gentleman's Coats made to order

Vests in wool , linen, hemp and cotton various styles made to order some in stock

Wool vest brass buttons post 1800

Wool , Hemp or canvas Breeches

 Drop front trousers in various materials and colours

Dress and ticking shirts and work over smocks in stock

Over the Knee stocking in cotton and wool  $15 and $30USD and plain hemp/linen braces $12USD

Long and short riding boots  and  short shoes with buckles  100% leather  in stock