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BRITISH ARMY 1820-1914

 Wolseley pattern helmet 

1821 to 1829 shako

1872 British offices tunic 

1910 Uniforms , Khaki , Blues and Cadet tunics 

WA Militia Cavalry jacket 1880's

Sam Brown 

1850 waist belt buckle - 40th foot - in stock
Fatigue jacket and cap  40th - in stock
1850 waist belt made to order

1845 to 1900 Officers patrol jacket made to order

1850 cap pouch - made to order
Oxford Mix Trousers 1846 to 1880's - in stock
officers braid black 35mm and 50mm in stock
Officers cartridge box sling made to order
Forage Caps in stock
off white summer trousers
shako bosses sold in pairs in stock
marksman badge 1850's to 1900 in stock
Officer chin scales - in stock
cloak clasp brass out of stock

brass pom pom holder - in stock

Staff officers cap - made to order
Off duty hand embroidered cap  Navy , Black or Red Velvet - in stock

Regulation 1846 uniforms made to order

1870-80's Pensioner coatee made to order $255USD

British 1870-90 coatee made to order

1866 shako  Made to order $185USD , Local Companies shako badge $9.50USD

Victoria Helmet Plate Silver and Brass $26USD in stock

Victorian Officer epaulets made to order  $65USD   brass crown for cartridge box or cap  $6USD and officer buttons 40th foot

1846 to 1900 Black, Dark Blue and Black with red stripe swallow tail 100% wool limited stock $88USD