Manufacturers and Suppliers of Military and Civilian Historical Clothing and Accoutrement -  ABN  49 433 190 199 

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These are in stock items and prices are in USD , we will combine shipping, if you pay for multi items we will work out correct shipping and refund the difference. With, made to order clothing, please email us to confirm production time frame, if you have a dead line please advise before purchase, we also need your phone number for our shipper thank you William 




All 17th CENTURY NAPOLEONIC FRENCH NAPOLEONIC BRITISH NAPOLEONIC NETHERLANDS NAPOLEONIC PRUSSIAN NAPOLEONIC PORTUGUESE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR MEXICAN WAR WW1 AUSTRALIAN WW1 NEW ZEALAND WW1 TURKISH WW1 USA WW1 GERMAN WW1 RUSSIAN 1812 US BRITISH 1820 to 1890's ZOUAVE American War of Independence - US 18th Century American War of Independence - Crown WW2 Australian WW1 British 16th Century ROMAN Germanic - 5th to 11th century Viking and dark age
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